What is ‘.estrongs’ Folder and is it Safe to Delete it?

What is ‘.estrongs’ Folder and is it Safe to Delete it?

Have you ever come across a mysterious folder named ‘.estrongs’ and wondered what it is and whether it is safe to delete it? You are not alone. Many users have raised questions about this folder and its purpose. In this article, we will delve into the world of ‘.estrongs’ folder and explore its significance in the digital space. We will also address the critical question of whether it is safe to delete this folder or not. So, let’s get started and uncover the mystery of ‘.estrongs’ folder.

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What is .estrongs Folder?

What is .estrongs Folder?

.estrongs folder is a system folder that is created by the ES File Explorer app on Android devices. ES File Explorer is a popular file manager app that allows users to navigate and manage their files and folders on their phone or tablet.

The .estrongs folder is located in the root directory of the device’s internal storage or SD card. It contains important data and settings for the ES File Explorer app. This folder is hidden by default, meaning it can only be seen if the device is rooted or if the user enables the option to show hidden files and folders.

This folder contains a sub-folder named “files,” which is where the app stores all the files that users download using ES File Explorer. This includes images, videos, documents, and other files that are saved by the user. It also contains a “thumbnails” folder that stores thumbnail images of photos and videos that have been viewed using the app.

The .estrongs folder also contains a “properties” file, which stores the app’s settings and preferences. This includes user preferences like the selected view mode, preferred sorting method, and other options. The properties file is essential for the app to remember and apply these settings every time it is opened.

Furthermore, the .estrongs folder also stores information about network connections, shared folders, and app logs. This information is used to provide a smooth and seamless file management experience to the user.

Overall, the .estrongs folder may seem like a regular system folder, but it is a crucial part of the ES File Explorer app. It houses important data and settings that allow the app to function correctly. Therefore, it is not recommended to delete or modify this folder unless you know what you are doing.


In conclusion, the ‘.estrongs’ folder is a commonly found file on Android smartphones that is created by a third-party file manager app – ES File Explorer. It contains cached files and data related to the app’s features and functions. While it is safe to delete this folder, doing so may cause some features of the app to stop functioning or result in loss of data. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the need to delete the ‘.estrongs’ folder and proceed with caution. It is recommended to regularly clear the cache of ES File Explorer instead of deleting the entire folder. Ultimately, the decision to delete or keep the folder depends on the user’s preference and the impact it may have on their device and app usage.

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