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All About Round Circle Windows

Introduction of Round Circle Windows

Round windows are windows that have a surprising and dynamic element that incorporates them into the old-fashioned interior as well as the contemporary.

They have a historical appeal that is useful to work with vintage elements and modern dynamics and make homes wonderful and remarkable.

Placing a round window in an unexpected area can create a wonderful focal point for a room. Many people think that the Porthole window is only for marine themes but that is not the whole truth.

Considering round circle windows as a special resource, it is useful to add a unique touch to the interior design, punctuate the architecture or geometry of the building and enrich the round window space in many ways.

These windows can play a big role in determining the look of the room. A round window is a charming and unique element that is useful to bring daylight into the room through small-size windows and make the room stylish.

It is also seen that the round circle window can rotate on its axis i.e. pivot circle window.

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What Is Round Circle Window?

What Is Round Circle Window

The name of the circle window says a lot about it. A round window is usually a round glass panel with a round frame. These windows are available in fixed, tilt, and pivot styles. They come in different sizes and materials and also vary in design.

This window is sometimes seen in other shapes as well. For example elliptical, semi-circular, oval, hexagonal, etc. This window is also known as the “bull’s eye” in France.

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Use of Circle Windows in House

Use of Circle Windows in House

Here are the different uses of small circle windows or large circle windows in the house as follows.

1. Comfortable Bedrooms

Comfortable Bedrooms

The bedroom is a special room of the house where the touch of comfortable and safe space is much needed. A small round window is a good choice to spice up the space with an extra element.

Beautifully rounded windows are a great way to soften a bedroom with a sophisticated color palette. This window can be used to decorate the bedroom with modern décor as well as to give the room a versatile and progressive feeling.

circle window in bedroom

2. Charming Bathroom

Charming Bathroom

It starts to feel monotonous if we don’t give the bathroom an exquisite element. Small or large, round windows serve as the final focal point and define the entire space.

A modest round window definitely makes the plain interior modern and attractive. A simple round window in the bathroom is a good idea.

circle window in bathroom

Placing a round window just above the sink seems a bit awkward as it is usually a place for a mirror. But if we leave the traditional trends and make this kind of arrangement, the bathroom can be given a different feeling.

3. Charming Kitchen and Dining Room

Charming Kitchen and Dining Room

Where food is made and eaten is a sacred place that everyone finds special, personal, and enjoyable. Round windows have the gift of making the room interesting and charming so the kitchen and dining room are the perfect choice for round windows.

circle window in dining room

Most dining rooms combine many traditional elements. Many things like colorless chairs and brown decorative pillows tend to be disgusting to the dining room and can give it a dull look. A luxurious chandelier and a large round window can refresh and enliven the entire dining room.

The windows work well to enlarge a very narrow kitchen. Normal square windows make the kitchen very predictable so a round window is the right choice.

A focal point is needed when working with a very large kitchen that has stunning designs and lots of beautiful elements. A well-rounded window can make this need better. This seems to be something beautiful and unique to focus on in a large space.

circle window in kitchen

The wall with round windows is useful for adding a little light to the room and inviting the landscape. A round window can be installed to make the kitchen more pitch-perfect.

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Types of Circle Windows

Types of Circle Windows

The type of circle window is based on two things.

  1. Opening
  2. Shape

1. Opening Types

Opening Types

The types falling on the base of the opening are as follows.

1.1. Fixed Circle Windows

Fixed Circle Windows

A fixed window is a window that cannot be opened. circle windows are usually found in the fixed type only. Only light can enter the house through this window but the air is not allowed to enter. This window is useful where there is no need for air but only natural light and an architectural view.

1.2. Vertical or Horizontal Pivot Circle Windows

Pivot Circle Windows

Pivot circle A window pivots on a vertical or horizontal axis. This type of window is important in terms of architectural points. These windows give the building a decent look as well as provide good ventilation.

1.3. Tilt-Only Circle Windows

Tilt-Only Circle Windows

The tilt circle window has the same functionality as the casement or other tilt windows. In this type, the window is connected by a hinge on either side of the up-down or adjacent side. This window opens or closes like a casement or awning window. It can be opened in the desired corner.

2. Shape Types

Shape Types

The types of round windows based on the shape are as follows.

2.1. Circle Windows

Circle Windows

The circle window is recognizable by its sleek curved shape and symmetrical design. This window is also called a full circle or round porthole window. Such custom circle windows are mostly found in closets, bathrooms, entrances, and stairs.

Full-circle windows are useful to add more natural light to tight and small areas. The artistic nature of the circle window is a great addition to both traditional and modern homes.

2.2. Hexagon Windows

Hexagon Windows

Hexagonal windows with six straight edges and corners look like the shape of a honeycomb. Hexagonal windows are also called six-sided windows and hexagonal-shaped windows.

The window was first popular in the 19th century when architects used it to bring natural light to the attic. In modern times hexagonal windows are seen in the entrances and as bathroom windows, appearing as independent focal points.

Hexagon windows are either operable or fixed. Operable hexagonal windows also provide natural light with ventilation.

2.3. Octagonal Windows

Octagonal Windows

The octagonal window looks somewhat rounded. Octa means eight. This window has eight sides and eight corners. This unique style has its roots in the old days. This traditional design produces a different kind of effect than any other space installation.

This window in the bathroom or kitchen gives a different flair than the installed one. It gives the room brightness and freshness. A grill can also be added to this glass window.

2.4. Oval Windows

Oval Windows

Oval windows are wider and more flat. This window is used to add natural light to the exterior or entrance door and give an architectural touch.

If we put such a window with sidelights in the front door, it becomes like an umbrella. An interesting pattern is created if we add the grill to the same thing. In the end, the overcast shadow becomes.

2.5. Half Elliptical Windows

The elliptical shape in a half elliptical window is divided in half. The cut here is right in the middle. This window can be used in combination with other windows.

This fancy design makes the thing elegant. This window looks stunning with a wooden frame. This window with black fiberglass or aluminum gives the feeling of a modern window.

2.6. Full Chord Windows

Full Chord Windows

A full chord window is also called a half-circle window, half-round window, semi-circle window, circle top window, etc. In this window, the circle is cut from its diameter.

This style gives uniqueness and brightness to the room. This window is placed at the top of the entrance to make a good design.

2.7. Quarter Round Windows

Quarter Round Windows

In a quarter-round window, the whole circle is cut into four equal parts. Each of these four parts is called a quarter round. Like any other design, this one is attractive and compelling.

This is also called a quarter-circle window. These windows often come in combination with others. This type of combination makes any space impressive.

Installation of Circle Window

Installation of Circle Window

Installing a circle window requires an experienced person as it has a round shape so it has to work accurately and in a way that gives a good finish.

It is therefore advisable not to install it as a DIY project. Custom circle windows should be installed by contacting a good brand and selecting good quality material.

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Advantages of Circle Windows

Advantages of Circle Windows

Here is the List of Circle Windows Pros as follows.

1. Soft Design

The biggest advantage of round windows is that they have a soft design so they can be used to give softness in offices and homes. Round windows date back to Roman times and can be used in traditional and modern homes. It can give a timeless elegance to the home.

Round windows can effectively enhance the aesthetic effect and curb appeal in any space.

2. Variety in Design Range

Being with a range of specific designs helps in making the right choice. Can be easily combined with other styles for a desirable finish. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and frames to help you make the right choice for your home or business.

3. Less Maintenance in a Fixed Window

Fixed round windows become the most popular. Useful for providing stunning aesthetics and plenty of light in the church. Fixed Windows is a good choice for saving money in the long run as it requires less maintenance.

4. Tilt and Pivot

The circle window comes with a tilt and pivot style called an open circle window. Unlike fixed windows, these windows can be opened to allow air to enter and light to come in, so they are also useful for areas where ventilation is needed.

5. Worthwhile

A circle window with a frame of good material and high-quality glass is easy to keep clean and maintains a professional look for years. So for a long time, it does not need repair or replacement. Thus it proves worthwhile.

6. Increase Home Value

Mostly double-hung or sliding windows are found in the house. Adding a circle window to the house makes the look of the house a little unique. So it helps to increase the value of the house.

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Disadvantages of Circle Windows

Disadvantages of Circle Windows

Here is the List of Circle Windows Cons as follows.

1. Expensive

These windows can be a little more expensive than regular square or rectangular windows because of their rounded shape. Thus it costs more to install this window.

2. Difficult to Install

Installing this window is a bit more difficult than installing a regular window. Installing these windows requires more precision and more workmanship than simple windows. Since this window is round in shape, it takes more effort to finish.

3. Privacy Problem

Round windows can be a little difficult to place everywhere. These windows cannot maintain privacy so they have to be placed in a place where privacy is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Circle Window That Opens

It is wrong that the circle window is only fixed. This window also has a tilt and pivot feature. Such tilt or pivot circle windows can be opened or closed.

Circle Top Window Replacement or Half Circle Window Replacement

No simple square or rectangular window can give such a unique look as a circle or half circle window. Installing a half circle window in a room increases the architectural importance of the room. If this half circle window is placed at the top of the entrance of the house, it can bring light inside the house even though the door is closed.

Front Door with Circle Window

front door means a circle window can be placed at the top. But it is a half circle instead of a full circle so that it matches the door. Doing so makes the view tremendous and the light from the window at the top can enter the house even though the door is closed.

Half Round Window Replacement Cost

The cost of any window replacement depends on the window size, material, and local labor. However, the estimated cost of a half circle window replacement can range from $ 260 to $ 850.

Quarter Circle Window Replacement Cost

Quarter circle window replacement can cost from about $ 200 to $ 650.

Design Ideas for Round Circle Windows in Home Architecture

Round circle windows, also known as porthole windows, can add a unique and eye-catching element to the architecture of a home. Here are some design ideas for incorporating round circle windows into your home:

  1. Focal Point: Use a large round circle window as a focal point in a room with a picturesque view. It could be placed in a living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, allowing natural light to flood in while framing the beautiful scenery outside.
  2. Stairwell Accent: Install a series of smaller round circle windows along a staircase or in a stairwell. This will create an interesting visual effect, adding natural light to the space and enhancing the architectural design.
  3. Nook Windows: Incorporate round circle windows into small nooks or alcoves, creating cozy reading or sitting areas. Placing a cushioned bench or a comfortable chair beneath the window will transform it into a welcoming space for relaxation.
  4. Artistic Arrangement: Install multiple round circle windows in an artistic arrangement on a feature wall. The windows could be of varying sizes and placed in a visually appealing pattern, creating a statement piece that adds character to the room.
  5. Playful Spaces: Round circle windows can be great additions to children’s rooms or playrooms. They add a touch of whimsy and can be used as imaginative frames for outdoor views or as portals to imaginary worlds.

Installation Cost of Round Circle Windows in the USA

round window on its own costs about $250 to $785, and the cost to hire a contractor to install it is typically around $40 per hour. The national average cost for a round window installation is $520. Typically, the price may vary from $250 to $785 plus labor costs, which can be expected to be around $40 per hour.

Round Circle Windows Vs. Traditional Rectangular Windows: Pros and Cons

Round circle windows and traditional rectangular windows both have their unique pros and cons. Here are some factors to consider when comparing the two:

Round Circle Windows:


  1. Visual Appeal: Round circle windows have a distinct and eye-catching design that adds architectural interest and uniqueness to a home. They can create a focal point and serve as a statement piece.
  2. Softness and Curves: The curved shape of round circle windows adds a sense of softness and fluidity to the space. It can soften the overall aesthetic and complement other architectural elements.
  3. Unobstructed Views: Round circle windows often offer unobstructed views of the surroundings, providing panoramic vistas and allowing more natural light to enter the space.
  4. Versatility: Round circle windows can be installed in various areas of the home, including tight spaces, stairwells, or rooms with vaulted ceilings, where traditional rectangular windows may not be suitable.


  1. Limited Ventilation: Round circle windows are often fixed and cannot be opened for ventilation. If airflow and ventilation are important considerations, additional windows or ventilation systems may need to be incorporated.
  2. Limited Privacy: Due to their shape and placement, round circle windows may offer less privacy compared to rectangular windows. Consider the location and orientation of these windows to ensure privacy when needed.
  3. Cost and Installation: Installing round circle windows can be more complex and expensive compared to standard rectangular windows. Custom manufacturing and installation may require specialized expertise and materials.

Traditional Rectangular Windows:


  1. Ventilation Options: Rectangular windows offer a wide range of options for ventilation, including single-hung, double-hung, casement, or awning windows. This allows for better control over airflow and temperature regulation in the space.
  2. Versatility: Rectangular windows are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for different architectural styles and design preferences.
  3. Cost: Rectangular windows are generally more affordable compared to round circle windows, as they are more commonly produced and readily available in standard sizes.
  4. Window Treatments: Rectangular windows are easier to cover with blinds, curtains, or other window treatments, allowing for more privacy and light control.


  1. Standard Design: Rectangular windows are the most common and expected window shape, which may make them less visually interesting or unique in some architectural contexts.
  2. Limited Views: Depending on the placement and size, rectangular windows may offer more limited views compared to round circle windows. The fixed frames and straight lines can restrict the field of vision.
  3. Formality: Rectangular windows tend to convey a more formal or traditional look. If you are aiming for a more unconventional or contemporary style, round circle windows may be a better fit.

Top-Rated Manufacturers of Round Circle Windows in the USA

While I don’t have access to real-time data or specific rankings, I can provide you with a list of reputable window manufacturers in the USA that are known for producing high-quality round circle windows. Here are a few manufacturers worth considering:

  1. Andersen Windows: Andersen is a well-established and highly regarded window manufacturer in the United States. They offer a range of window styles, including round circle windows, known for their durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Pella Windows and Doors: Pella is another reputable manufacturer known for their high-quality windows. They offer a variety of window styles, including round circle windows, with features such as energy-efficient glass options and customizable design options.
  3. Marvin Windows and Doors: Marvin is known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a wide selection of window styles, including round circle windows, with options for different materials, finishes, and energy efficiency ratings.
  4. JELD-WEN Windows and Doors: JELD-WEN is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, offering a range of styles and customization options. They provide round circle windows that are designed to be energy efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Kolbe Windows and Doors: Kolbe specializes in producing custom-made windows and doors, including round circle windows. They offer various design options and materials to suit different architectural styles and provide energy-efficient solutions.
  6. Sierra Pacific Windows: Sierra Pacific is known for its commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. They offer round circle windows as part of their extensive window collection, featuring energy-efficient options and customizable designs.

Benefits of Round Circle Windows for Natural Light and Aesthetics

A circle window has a curved shape and symmetrical design. Also known as a porthole window, this type of custom window is often in stairways, bathrooms, or closets. They allow natural light to come in smaller, darker spaces. It also serves as an added design element.

Circular Window Name

Also known as full circle or round porthole windows, these custom windows are commonly installed in closets, bathrooms, entryways and stairways. Adding more natural light to those tighter and smaller areas where you need it most, circular windows create design interest as a standalone accent.

Circle Window House

A circle window house is a unique architectural design where the primary feature is the incorporation of round circle windows throughout the structure. The circle windows can be utilized in various ways to enhance the overall design and aesthetic appeal of the house. Here’s a description of a circle window house:

Exterior: The exterior of the circle window house showcases a modern and distinctive appearance. The facade incorporates a combination of rectangular and circular elements, with the circle windows acting as focal points. The circle windows are strategically placed at different heights and locations, creating an interesting pattern and adding visual interest to the exterior design. The materials used can vary, ranging from traditional options like brick or wood to more contemporary choices like glass and metal.

Interior: The interior of the circle window house is characterized by an abundance of natural light and unique spatial experiences. The round circle windows serve as captivating features within the living spaces. Here are a few ways they can be integrated:

  1. Focal Points: Large round circle windows can be installed in key areas of the house, such as the living room, dining room, or master bedroom, serving as focal points that provide stunning views and draw attention.
  2. Architectural Elements: Circle windows can be used as architectural elements to create visual interest and enhance the design. For example, a circular window could be incorporated into a curved wall or as a highlight within an exposed brick or stone feature.
  3. Nooks and Alcoves: Smaller circle windows can be placed in cozy nooks or alcoves, creating intimate spaces for reading, relaxation, or contemplation. These windows can be accompanied by built-in seating or shelving to enhance their functionality.
  4. Vertical Placement: Round circle windows can be positioned vertically, in stairwells or along a staircase, allowing natural light to filter through and creating an enchanting visual effect as one ascends or descends the stairs.
  5. Open Floor Plan: In an open floor plan, circle windows can be strategically placed to define different areas while still allowing for a sense of connectivity and openness between spaces.

What Is a Half Circle Window Called?

Half circle windows are also called full chord windows, semicircle windows and half round windows. A chord is a line that goes through a circle at any two points.

What Are Half Moon Windows Called?

lunette window is commonly called a half-moon window, or fanlight when bars separating its panes fan out radially.

What Are Curved Windows Called?

Arched windows (or radius windows) are truly versatile and add soft curves that complement the horizontal and vertical lines of traditional windows and doors. Arched windows are truly versatile and add soft curves that complement the horizontal and vertical lines of traditional windows and doors.

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