All About Lantern Windows | Lantern Glass and Lantern Material | Types of Lantern Windows

All About Lantern Windows

Introduction of Lantern Windows

There are many options available to add more light to the home. Many types of wall-mounted windows come with different designs. There is also the option of a ceiling lantern for similar benefits.

This type is found in many different styles. Ceiling lights are found in two main types: ceiling lanterns and skylight windows.

Here we get information about option lantern windows as ceiling lanterns.

What Is Lantern Window?

What Is Lantern Window

A ceiling lantern is a type of glass structure located on top of a flat roof. This structure is usually pyramid-shaped so that light can penetrate from all angles. Ceiling lanterns are an excellent option for flooding the house with natural light.

Normal flat roofs give a very general look in terms of architecture. But if the ceiling lantern is located on the ceiling it can be a show stopper of the house and it has the ability to completely change the conservatory, extension, or any room of the house.

It is a stylish feature that helps in making maximum use of the available space, as well as being able to make the illusion of home bigger than it actually is. Most lanterns are made up of multiple window pens that gather in the center.

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Types of Lantern Windows

Types of Lantern Windows

Here are some different types of Lantern windows outlined.

1. Rectangle Lanterns

Rectangle Lanterns

This shape is an excellent and timeless shape for ceiling lanterns, giving the home the feel of long Victorian conservatories as well as greenhouses.

A rectangular ceiling lantern can spread light throughout the area of ​​the room which can affect the actual brightness. It is able to transform the room into a bright and spacious area.

They can be a perfect choice for fitting along the entire open-plan room length and to help connect different areas or define pathways in large spaces.

2. Square Lanterns

Square Lanterns

The square ceiling lantern located in the middle of the roof gives the house a neat, symmetrical, and modern look. A square lantern is a unique option for those looking for something a little different from the usual rectangular shape.

This type is the best choice for small or square-shaped roofs. It is easy for them to draw natural light into the singular zone of the room below. For example seating area or dining space.

Square roof lanterns are used more on stairs, bathrooms, or hallways. Small square ceiling lanterns contribute subtly to the room rather than fitting a larger rectangle.

3. Octagonal Lanterns

Octagonal Lanterns

The octagonal ceiling lantern is useful in giving the room a sense of grandeur. This type gives the impression of a dome structure from the inside which looks absolutely stunning.

This ideal design can bring plenty of light from all corners of the room so it helps to create an impression in the room. Octagonal-shaped ceiling lanterns are suitable for round or polygonal spaces and are often found in period homes with towers or turbans.

4. Cupola Lanterns

Cupola Lanterns

Roof lanterns with more impressive structures may be needed to help separate large settlements proportionately. The two-tiered octagonal ceiling lantern with a cupola located at the top looks like the most elegant design as well as draws attention when given extra height.

These ceiling lanterns are especially found in magnificent historic homes. Also, a contemporary look can be achieved by keeping the lines and details simple.

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The Right Place Choice for the Lantern Windows

The Right Place Choice for the Lantern Windows

Lantern window or ceiling lanterns are usually good for a flat roof. In the extension room, conservative, in the attic or other room where extra light is needed and the ceiling is sloping, in this case, the dormer window or skylights should be installed instead of a lantern window.

Heat is relatively high in places like bathrooms and kitchens, so these windows may not be ideal for such a place due to lack of ventilation. However, if you like to look at the sky to relax in the bath, the lantern window style should be opened when needed.

It is convenient to install lantern windows in places like bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. This is an ideal opportunity to install a lantern if the home is planned to add a conservatory or sunroom.

Lantern Windows Sizes

Lantern Windows Sizes

The size of the lantern window is based on the area of ​​the room, lighting, and budget. A small square window, which has a length of 2.5 feet, can also make the room impressive by filling the room.

Installing a large lantern window can be very difficult. It is necessary to seek the help of an experienced professional to discuss the requirements so that a certain size Lantern window can be chosen.

The help of an experienced to install this window should be taken as there are many problems in installing this window as a DIY project.

Lantern Glass and Lantern Material

Lantern Glass and Lantern Material

There are different types of glasses in the market. The glass needs to have a good thermal performance so that the temperature is kept. The quality of the glass also works very importantly for the sound pollution problem.

Camberly glass and double glazing glass provide good energy efficiency that has an overall U of 1.3W/M2K and provides good requirements.

The strength of the aluminum frame is good. The frame does not have to be too thick for the strength of the frame. In such a strong material, the glass is more visible in the window and the frame is less visible.

The timber frame requires maintenance like paintwork after some period. Vinyl, PVC, and aluminum lanterns should be checked at a certain time distance whether they have been depleted. Such windows can be cleaned with light detergents.

Roof Lanterns Cost

Roof Lanterns Cost

Like other windows, the cost of installing a lantern window varies depending on the style, material, size, and design. The cost of installing this window varies depending on its size as shown in the table below.

2.5′ x 2.5′ $1,620 $670
5′ x 5′ $2,750 $820
5′ x 10′ $3,340 $1,000
10′ x 10′ $4,010 $1,320

We will now see the advantages and disadvantages of Lantern windows.

Advantages of Lantern Windows

Advantages of Lantern Windows

Here are the lantern windows’ pros as follows.

1. Increase in Natural Light

The importance of natural light for our health can be considered in advance. An increase in vitamin D offers many benefits such as improving our focus and productivity. The spas and ridge sections of the ceiling lanterns provide an uninterrupted flow of natural light into the room.

2. Improve the Aesthetics of the Home

The ceiling lantern looks really beautiful from inside and out. It helps to add contemporary style to any building with its slim, elegant look. Ceiling lanterns can be used for aesthetic improvement of the house.

Ceiling lanterns are available in different colors and different designs. This type has the option of choosing one color for the interior and another color for the exterior to complement the interior and exterior of the house.

3. Safety and Damage Protection

The strength of materials such as aluminum, an innovative glass lock system, and tamper-proof fasteners on ceiling lanterns make it impossible for intruders to enter the house. Roof lanterns have some of the best seals and gaskets to control the damage caused by climate.

4. Ceiling Lantern Blinds

Ceiling lanterns with pleated blinds or roller blinds do not have to worry about furniture fading.

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Disadvantages of Lantern Windows

Disadvantages of Lantern Windows

Here are the lantern windows’ cons as follows.

1. Not Suitable for All Ceilings

The lantern window corresponds to certain types of ceilings. This window does not prove to be suitable for a sloping roof.

2. Difficult to Install

These windows are often complex in construction so they can be a little inconvenient. So to install these windows, you have to seek the help of an experienced professional.

3. Replacement Problems

Lantern windows are made of glass components. This glass replacement is difficult when it is damaged under certain circumstances. This window replacement option is also less.

4. the Window Has to Be Changed Immediately When Damaged

In this window glass, it has to be changed immediately when there is damage in some circumstances as the furniture of the household has to suffer a lot when water is leaked from the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Roof Lanterns a Good Idea?

Roof lanterns are a great choice because they allow the light to enter from all corners. Thus they give light to more than their various equivalents. They create a wonderful architectural showpiece at home. The roof lantern creates the illusion of making the room bigger.

Do You Need Planning Permission for Roof Lantern?

Most roof lantern installations in the UK do not require permission. But it is important to keep in mind the little guide. The ceiling lantern should not extend to 150 mm from the roof slopes. When installing this window, be aware that the roof lantern is not more than most part of the existing roof.

Do Lanterns Let in More Light Than Skylights?

A skylight or ceiling lantern is a great option as it will allow the light to penetrate three times more than a traditional vertical window. The right place for a new skylight is a kitchen or extension.

The lantern of the roof can give the light more light than the skylight window because the light from all corners of the roof lanes can enter the house.

Where Should a Roof Lantern Be Placed?

It is convenient to install lantern windows in places like bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. This is an ideal opportunity to install a lantern if the home is planned to add a conservatory or sunroom.

Hallways and corridors are the ideal space for ceiling lanterns because these windows do not cause overlocking or condensation problems.

Can You Put a Roof Lantern in a Flat Roof?

Yes, a ceiling lantern window can be installed on a flat roof. The skylight option is just appropriate on the sloping roof.

How High Is a Roof Lantern?

The roof lantern does not extend 150 mm from the existing roof slopes. If the ceiling lantern is on the elevation ceiling slopes, it needs to be blurred glazing. There is no opening of the roof unless their height is at least 1.7m from the floor.

Lantern Windows Design Ideas for Home Decor

Lantern windows can add a charming and distinctive touch to your home decor. Here are some design ideas to inspire you:

  1. Traditional Elegance:
    • Choose lantern windows with intricate wrought iron or wooden frames for a classic look.
    • Install them in areas like the foyer, staircase, or formal dining room to create a grand entrance.
    • Combine them with stained glass panels for an added touch of elegance.
  2. Coastal Vibes:
    • Opt for lantern windows with a white or light-colored frame to evoke a coastal or beachy atmosphere.
    • Install them in rooms with a view, such as the living room or bedroom, to maximize natural light and capture scenic vistas.
    • Consider using sheer curtains or blinds to maintain privacy while still enjoying the views.
  3. Rustic Charm:
    • Choose lantern windows with a distressed or reclaimed wood frame to create a rustic and cozy ambiance.
    • Install them in spaces like the kitchen, breakfast nook, or farmhouse-style dining room.
    • Decorate the window ledge with potted plants, vintage accessories, or mason jars filled with flowers to enhance the rustic feel.
  4. Modern and Minimalist:
    • Opt for sleek and minimalist lantern windows with clean lines and a black or metallic frame.
    • Install them in contemporary spaces such as the home office, bathroom, or urban loft.
    • Keep the window treatments simple with roller shades or motorized blinds for a streamlined look.
  5. Eclectic and Colorful:
    • Choose lantern windows with bold and vibrant frames to create a playful and eclectic vibe.
    • Install them in creative spaces like the artist’s studio, children’s playroom, or reading nook.
    • Consider adding decorative window film or stained glass inserts in various colors and patterns to add visual interest.

Lantern Windows Installation Cost in The USA

The cost of installing lantern windows in the USA can vary depending on several factors, including the size, material, complexity of installation, and location. It’s important to note that the following figures are rough estimates and can vary significantly based on these factors, as well as regional variations in labor and material costs.

On average, the cost of installing lantern windows can range from $1,000 to $3,000 per window, including materials and labor. However, this is a general estimate, and the actual cost may be higher or lower based on your specific requirements and location.

Some additional factors that can affect the cost include:

  1. Material: The choice of material for the frame and glass can impact the cost. Wood, metal, and vinyl are common materials used for lantern windows, with wood often being the most expensive.
  2. Customization: If you require custom sizes, shapes, or designs, the cost will likely be higher due to additional labor and materials involved in creating the custom windows.
  3. Installation Complexity: The complexity of the installation, such as the need for structural modifications or additional support, can increase the installation cost.
  4. Location: Labor and material costs can vary depending on your location within the USA. Urban areas and regions with higher living costs tend to have higher installation prices.

Types of Lantern Windows for Architectural Styles

The different types of roof lanterns
  • Rectangle. This is the classic and timeless shape for a roof lantern, echoing a sense of the long and rectangular Victorian conservatories and greenhouses that the modern orangery has evolved from.
  • Square.
  • Octagonal.
  • Cupola.
  • Double and triple lanterns.
  • Finials.

Best Materials for Lantern Windows Construction

When it comes to the construction of lantern windows, several materials can be used, each with its own advantages and considerations. Here are some of the best materials commonly used for lantern window construction:

  1. Wood: Wood is a popular choice for lantern window frames due to its natural beauty and versatility. It offers a warm and traditional aesthetic that can enhance various architectural styles. Wood frames can be customized, painted, or stained to match your desired look. However, wood requires regular maintenance to protect it from moisture, rot, and pests.
  2. Metal: Metal frames, such as iron or steel, are known for their strength, durability, and timeless appeal. They can provide a more industrial or contemporary look to your lantern windows. Metal frames are low-maintenance, resistant to warping and rot, and can be powder-coated or painted to prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. Vinyl: Vinyl frames have gained popularity due to their affordability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. They are resistant to moisture, rot, and pests, making them a durable and long-lasting option. Vinyl frames can be found in a variety of colors and styles, but they may have limited customization options compared to wood or metal.
  4. Fiberglass: Fiberglass frames offer several benefits, including durability, strength, and low maintenance. They are resistant to rot, warping, and swelling and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Fiberglass frames can be painted and are available in various colors and finishes. They are also energy efficient, providing good insulation properties.
  5. Composite: Composite frames are made from a blend of materials, typically combining wood particles or fibers with synthetic materials like PVC or fiberglass. This results in a strong and durable frame that resists rot, moisture, and insects. Composite frames can be painted or stained to achieve the desired aesthetic and offer good energy efficiency.

Lantern Windows Manufacturers in The USA

There are several lantern window manufacturers in the USA that specialize in crafting high-quality and customizable windows. Here are a few reputable manufacturers you can consider:

  1. Marvin Windows and Doors: Marvin is a well-known and respected manufacturer that offers a wide range of window options, including lantern-style windows. They provide both traditional and contemporary designs, with customizable options to suit your preferences.
  2. Pella Windows and Doors: Pella is another renowned manufacturer that offers a diverse selection of windows, including lantern-style options. They provide various materials, finishes, and customization choices to create windows that complement your home’s design.
  3. Andersen Windows and Doors: Andersen is a trusted brand that offers a comprehensive range of window styles, including lantern windows. They provide options in different materials, such as wood, vinyl, and composite, along with customizable features for personalized window designs.
  4. Kolbe Windows and Doors: Kolbe is known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail in window manufacturing. They offer a variety of window styles, including lantern windows, with a focus on customization and high-quality materials.
  5. Weather Shield Windows and Doors: Weather Shield specializes in creating custom windows, allowing you to design lantern windows that fit your unique style. They offer a range of material options, including wood, aluminum-clad wood, and fiberglass, along with various design choices.

How Long Do Skylights Last?

On average, a skylight will last between eight and 15 years. However, with advancements in technology, VELUX skylights can last up to 20 to 30 years! As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of contributing factors when it comes to how long your skylight will last.

How Long Do Velux Skylights Last?

When it comes to a skylight’s lifespan, there are a few factors that determine how long it’ll last. With typical wear and tear from years on a roof, VELUX skylights can last up to 20-30 years.

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