All About Folding Windows | What Is Folding Window | Types of Folding Window | Sizes of Folding Window and Specifications

All About Folding Windows

Introduction of Folding Window

It is a great idea to open the house to all possible means. Everyone loves to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

A folding window is one of the best ways to quickly and easily open the indoor space for the outdoor space, as well as make it easier to get through the windows.

This is a great idea for a place with a warm climate. Ordinary windows can also be useful for this purpose but working with folding windows is much easier.

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What Is Folding Window?

What Is Folding Window

The folding window is a unique window that creates new opportunities to open the living space to outdoor spaces.

This window folds upwards and gives approximately twice the opening of a traditional double-hung window.

When this window is closed, the folding window provides the look, feel, finish, and performance of other wooden windows.

This window folds inwards like a double-hung window. Sash doesn’t stay offset but stays inline. This window can give a more contemporary look.

These windows are with sill and also without sill. The screen in this window can stay outside when opening and closing.

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Sizes of Folding Window and Specifications

Sizes of Folding Window and Specifications

A folding window is a window system designed to include multiple panels fixed for folding. The window can be folded on one side or folded in opposite directions on both sides.

It is advisable to keep the window width up to 6m. There should be 3 to 8 panels with a minimum width of 50cm and a maximum width of 85cm. Aluminum or wood is often used to make folding window systems.

Custom windows can be based on personal preference. This includes choosing colors, frames, and grid profiles.

These windows also have a locking system to increase security.

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Use of Folding Windows

Use of Folding Windows

This window can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. The specialty of folding windows is the ability to fully open the view.

When the window is open, it has no bar or mule obstruction. This is the reason that allows for a beautiful view.

Different seal options are available to meet the requirements of each application, design, and operation.

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Use of Folding Windows in Residential

Use of Folding Windows in Residential

These windows are used for a closed patio, sunroom, and serving window between the kitchen and dining room in a residential area.

Strong aluminum is used to make folding glass walls. This frame is durable, non-warp, non-rot, and does not require constant maintenance.

We can use many screening options to keep away unwanted pests so that we can enjoy the natural environment to the fullest.

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Use of Folding Windows in Commercial

Use of Folding Windows in Commercial

These windows are used in commercial areas such as restaurant windows, hotel windows, and stadium boxes.

Food can be exchanged through folding glass windows from a restaurant or kitchen in a place like a patio seat.

An aluminum frame is very useful for folding glass windows for hospital or retirement home facilities.

In such cases, many ADA-compliant seal options come in handy to meet the code requirements.

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Use of Folding Window in Kitchen

Use of Folding Window in Kitchen

Below are some ideas on how to use folding windows in different ways in the kitchen.

  • A folding window is used to pass through which can open to the outside. Then decorating the dining area outside is a great option.
  • The folding window can open the kitchen to the outside and has the ability to easily and stylishly turn it into an outdoor-indoor space.
  • The black-framed folding window as a backsplash of the kitchen gives a stunning look as well as is useful for breathing in the fresh air and providing plenty of natural light.
  • Folding windows with such a black frame can be an ideal option if used for a rustic space. The kitchen is decorated with a mix of black and white and has a folding window, a table, a window sill, and a high stool. All this gives an extraordinary architectural look.

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Custom Folding Window

Custom Folding Window

Each type of folding window is available in a completely custom style so that it can be used for specific tasks.

As a result, the number of panels, the direction of the panel, the unit, and the dimensions of the panel can all be made to the desired size.

So different options like wood veneer in the frame can be used to mimic the look of a true wooden window as well as other decorating options.

Corrosion-resistant anodized options are also available in which the frame is available in two types: thermal and non-thermal.

Non-thermal frames can be used in indoor areas that are not exposed to rain or wind.

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Grid and Glass Profile

Grid and Glass Profile

A variety of shapes can be chosen, including square, oggy, and traditional shapes. The visual appeal can be added by matching the gridwork frame finish or applying a different color.

Any decorative glass can be used in folding windows for example stained glass, art glass, etched glass, etc. Such secure, versatile, and chic windows are also known as ‘concertina windows’, ‘servery windows’, and ‘foldable windows’.

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Types of Folding Window

Types of Folding Window

There are different types of folding windows as follows.

  1. Fold-Up Window
  2. Bi-Fold Window

1. Fold Up Windows

Fold Up Windows

The foldup window does not open outwards but folds at the top of the frame. Moving panels are stacked on top of the window frame.

Moving panels are mounted on rollers and fitted to the track for ease of use. These rollers are mounted in tracks on both sides of the frame.

Some people refer to a fold-up window as “vertical folding windows” or “vertical fold-up windows”.

2. Bifold Windows

Bifold Windows

These windows do not open to the outside but fold to the side of the frame. Moving panels are stacked on one side of the main window frame.

Moving panels are mounted on rollers and fitted to the track for ease of use. These rollers are mounted in the tracks above and below the frame.

Some people refer to a bifold window as “horizontal folding windows” or “horizontal bifold windows”.

Folding Window Replacement

Folding Window Replacement

A new window needs to be installed in case the old window in the house is corroded or rotten. If a new window is to be installed in the kitchen then a folding window is a good choice as it provides good ventilation and can also be used as a picture window.

The folding window makes it easy to pass through an object without any obstruction.

Folding Window Installation Cost

Folding Window Installation Cost

The cost of folding windows depends on factors like labor, glass material, frame material, and size. The estimated cost of installing this window can range from $ 600 to $ 3000. Its average cost can be $ 1500.

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Advantages of Folding Windows

Advantages of Folding Windows

Here, is the list of pros of folding windows as follows.

  1. Windows made of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood are strong and rigid.
  2. A folding window system of good material does not corrode or crack.
  3. The large size of the folding window provides ample light, air, and space.
  4. This window proves to be excellent in terms of energy efficiency.
  5. Being stylish they offer a sleek look and are able to easily open up space.

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Disadvantages of Folding Windows

Disadvantages of Folding Windows

Here, is the list of cons of folding windows as follows.

  1. Installing this window is very expensive as it takes up a lot of space on the wall.
  2. They are susceptible to pests if the proper coating is not applied for protection.
  3. This window is very difficult to install so you need an expert to install it.
  4. As these windows are less water-resistant, they do not work well in areas with high rainfall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does a Folding Window Cost?

The estimated cost of installing a folding window can range from $ 600 to $ 3000. Its average cost can be $ 1500.

What Are Folding Windows Called?

A folding window is a large-sized multi-panel window that folds into the frame at the top or on either side of the frame. So the whole window can act as a picture window without any obstruction.

What Is a Passthrough Window?

A pass-through window is a window that does not obstruct the passage of an object from one side of the window to the other. It is also called a pass-through window as the folding window best meets this requirement.

What Is the Windows Called That Fold?

Folding windows are also called folding windows, fold up or bi fold windows. In the fold up window the panels are folded upwards while in the bi fold window the panels are folded on either side of the frame.

Folding Window Price

The price of a folding window can be approximately $ 1500.

Kitchen to Patio Pass-Through Window

The option of placing a window to pass the kitchen can be chosen in the small space next to the kitchen where there is a dining table. It is important that this window does not create any obstruction. Such a small space is also called a patio. The best option to meet such a requirement is a folding window. So the folding window is called the kitchen to patio pass-through window.

Bifold Windows Cost

The estimated cost of installing a bifold window can range from $ 600 to $ 3000.

Folding Windows Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Folding windows, also known as bi-fold or accordion windows, have become increasingly popular in modern home design due to their ability to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some design ideas for incorporating folding windows into modern homes:

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Bar Seating: Install a countertop on the interior side of the folding window, creating a bar-style seating area. This is perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying meals while overlooking your outdoor space.
  2. Kitchen Pass-Through: Use folding windows to connect your kitchen to an outdoor dining or patio area. This design idea not only facilitates easy serving but also enhances ventilation and natural light in the kitchen.
  3. Room Dividers: Create flexible living spaces by using folding windows as room dividers. This works especially well in open-concept layouts, allowing you to separate or connect spaces as needed.
  4. Window Bar: Install a folding window at a higher height, creating a unique window bar. This design is great for showcasing outdoor views and can be a stylish addition to your living room or bedroom.
  5. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms: Imagine a folding window in your bathroom that opens up to a private outdoor area. This can create a spa-like ambiance, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and a connection with nature while maintaining privacy.

Installation Cost of Folding Windows in the USA

Installing folding windows costs an average of $1,600, but typically ranges from $500 to $3,000. Cost factors include labor, glass, and extras. You can save $500 to $1,500 by DIYing the project, but this job is best left to a pro. You can save money by installing in the off-season.

Benefits of Folding Windows for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Folding glass patio doors offer full window walls when closed that allow for abundant natural light to filter into your space. This means that even on rainy or inclement days, the light and your view are still available for you to enjoy from your indoor living space.

Top-Rated Manufacturers of Folding Windows in the USA

  1. Andersen Windows & Doors: Andersen is a well-established and highly reputable manufacturer of windows and doors. They offer a variety of folding and sliding window options that are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and design versatility.
  2. LaCantina Doors: LaCantina is renowned for its high-quality folding and sliding door systems, and they also offer folding window solutions. Their products are known for their sleek designs and smooth operation.
  3. Pella Windows and Doors: Pella is another trusted name in the window and door industry. They offer folding windows that combine style, energy efficiency, and durability.
  4. NanaWall Systems: NanaWall specializes in innovative opening glass wall systems, including folding windows. They are known for their engineering excellence and customizable designs.
  5. Marvin Windows and Doors: Marvin offers a range of window and door products, including folding windows, that are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Energy-Efficient Folding Windows for Versatile Spaces

Here are some considerations and options for energy-efficient folding windows:

  1. Insulated Glass: Look for folding windows with insulated glass that features multiple layers of glass with a gas-filled space in between. This helps to improve thermal efficiency and reduce heat transfer.
  2. Low-E Coating: Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings on the glass can help control the amount of heat that enters or leaves your space. They block harmful UV rays while allowing visible light to pass through.
  3. Energy Star Certification: Choose folding windows that are Energy Star certified. This indicates that the windows meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  4. Frame Materials: Opt for window frames made from energy-efficient materials like vinyl, fiberglass, or thermally broken aluminum. These materials offer better insulation and minimize heat transfer.
  5. Sealing and Weatherstripping: Proper sealing and weatherstripping are crucial to prevent drafts and air leakage. Look for folding windows with quality seals to ensure energy efficiency.

What Is Folding Window?

A folding window is a window system structured to accommodate several panels that are fixed to fold. The window is either opening to one side or both sides fold to opposite directions.

How Many Types of Windows Are There?

Windows are classified as Fixed windows, Sliding windows, Pivoted windows, Double-hung windows, Louvered windows, Casement windows, Metal windows, Sash windows, Corner windows, Bay windows, Dormer windows, Clerestory windows, Lantern windows, Gable windows, Ventilators, and Skylights.

What Sizes Do Windows Come In?

There are many standard casement window sizes, but some of the most popular are:
  • 2 feet 4 inches wide by 3 feet 6 inches tall (2436)
  • 2 feet 6 inches wide by 4 feet tall (2640)
  • 2 feet 8 inches wide by 5 feet tall (2850)
  • 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall (3060)

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