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Why Concrete Piers Work | About Concrete Piers Work | Reasons Why Concrete Piers Work

ALl about Concrete Piers Work

About Concrete Piers’s Work Concrete piers are concrete columns. Liquid concrete is poured into holes that are drilled into the ground. Minimum 1-1.5feet above the ground concrete pier foundations are usually built. To prevent moisture damage to wooden structures, this gap is necessary. The diameter of concrete piers is usually 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches, and …

What a House Foundation Inspection Involves ?

all about House Foundation Inspection Involves

What does a House Foundation Inspection Involves? There are various components to a residential foundation inspection. Before having your foundation examined, it’s a great way to understand what’s required. Experienced foundation inspectors follow a very well process irrespective of where you live. The foundation firm representative will search for all of these symptoms of foundation …