Types of Arched Windows | What Is Arched Window | Hanging Drapes and Shades on Arched Window

Types of Arched Windows

Introduction of Arched Windows

Arched windows, often what are arched windows called, are of great importance in the field of architecture. In earlier times, arch windows were most common in Rome, and even today modern architecture uses such windows to give the building an attractive look.

These windows are also known by different names like an arch window, radius window, etc. Arched windows improve the image of the house and also increase the value of the house.

These windows create a soft look in the house and give a wide view of the outside. This window can be installed at the entrance of the house and can be used to create the impression of a large house.

These windows are most often found in churches and older buildings. Also, these windows are found more in Gothic and Roman designs.

The arch window, sometimes referred to by its curved window name, can be as high as a casement window and can also be used to give a look like a Victorian design.

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What Is Arched Window?

What Is Arched Window

An arch window is a window with a simple window at the bottom with a rectangular section and a semicircular section at the top. These two parts come together to form a whole window and it is called an arched window.

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Types of Arched Window

Here, the List of Different Types of arch windows or arched window types Is as Follows.

  1. Fixed Arched Windows
  2. Hinged Arched Windows
  3. Multi-Arched Windows

1. Fixed Arched Windows

Fixed Arched Windows

The fixed arch window is the most common type. It cannot be opened or closed as the frame is fixed. Only sunlight is allowed to enter the fixed window but the air cannot be circulated.

2. Hinged Arched Windows

Hinged Arched Windows

Hinged arched windows are a good option if you want to open and close the arch window. This window provides you with ventilation and gives the look of an arch window.

3. Multi-Arched Windows

Multi-Arched Windows

Multi-arch windows combine several small arches to form a larger one. These windows give the house or building an extraordinary look.

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Hanging Drapes and Shades on Arched Window

Hanging Drapes and Shades on Arched Window

It is also important to know whether the drapes hang over the arch or under the arch.

If you put the drapes on the arch, the room will be completely dark, but if you put the drapes under the arch, some light may come in from the upper part of the arch so that the room will not get dark and your drapes will also be attached.

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Arched Windows Replacement

Arched Windows Replacement

The arched window was heavily used in earlier times. It has a historical appeal and a unique look when used in modern homes. Replacing arched windows can add architectural interest to a home.

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Arch Window Replacement Cost

Arch Window Replacement Cost

Arched windows cost more than other regular windows because they are often a mixed installation of specific styles and custom windows.

Replacing a normal-sized arched window can cost approximately $330 to $880.

The cost of the entire arch window installation depends on the window brands, the size of the arched windows, the window frame styles, and the labor costs in the area.

The Most Distinctive Type of Arched Window

The Most Distinctive Type of Arched Window

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1. Palladian window

Palladian window

The Palladian window can be considered as an arch window because it has an arch at the top in the middle.

The Palladian window has three sections with an arch at the top of the square section in the middle and two narrow and short sections on either side with a square top.

The Palladian window is considered to be the most famous type of arch window.

History of Palladian Window

History of Palladian Window

If we discuss the history of this window, this window was famous in 17th and 18th-century Italian design. The window was inspired by a man named Palladian Motif.

This window is also known by different names depending on some aspects of its history such as Serbian window, Venetian window, Palladian window, etc.

Palladian Windows Replacement

Palladian Windows Replacement

Palladian windows are definitely a good choice. This is a great option if you want a special look for a home. Palladian windows offer all the benefits.

This window has two narrow rectangular panes. There is a large pane in the middle and an arched window is installed on top of it.

This window gives the house a unique with pure sophistication.

The Palladian window adds wonderful elegance to any space in the house. This window increases the house’s resale price.

Palladian Windows Cost

Palladian Windows Cost

Generally, the value of any item can be divided into three sections. The same is true of the Palladian window.

Palladian windows are also available at three costs namely Economy, Medium, and High.

The economy range is $ 700 to $ 1200, the medium range is $ 1200 to $ 2000, and the high range is $ 1800 to $ 2800.

2. Lunette Window

Lunette Window

The lunette window, often adorned with a lunette window shade, has only a crescent-shaped part.

The lunette window does not have a rectangle window at the bottom like a common arched window and has only a semi-circular part.

The window was discovered in the Duomo of Pistoia during the 1950s.

Advantages of Arched Windows

Advantages of Arched Windows

Here, is the List of Pros of Arched Windows as follows.

  1. If you want to place this window in the house, you can place an arch on the common window of your house or place an entire arch window. Placing an arch on a window that is already in the house can save both cost and time.
  2.  Arch windows have many types of designs like round, oval, semicircular, etc. Due to the unique design, this window is not seen in all the houses so the house with this window can get a touch of a different class.
  3. This window does not normally have the facility to open or close. This means it is fixed so it requires less care so its cleaning is also easy.
  4. This window can be obtained at a very low cost. All you have to do is put a small arch at the top of the existing window of your house. Doing so will also make the window newer and will also reduce the cost a lot.

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Disadvantages of Arched Windows

Disadvantages of Arched Windows

Here, is the List of Cons of Arched Windows as follows.

  1. The disadvantage of arch windows is that they invite plenty of sunlight and air. To prevent this you have to spend extra on curtains or other arrangements.
  2. Installing this window is a very difficult task so an experienced person is needed to install this window.
  3. Due to the high height of this window, it cannot be installed on any other floor except the ground floor in a multi-story building.
  4. This window has a fixed frame that allows light to enter but cannot be opened for air circulation.

Above we learned about the general style and regular type. Now let us know about the types of arches used in historical architectural design and modern architectural design.

The purpose of informing about different types of arches here is that historical arches can be given to the house by placing this type of arch on top of both windows and doors.

It is a misconception that arched windows have a semicircular shape at the top. Modern architecture uses the historic arch to give the building a unique look. So it is important to know about the arch.

Types of Arch

Types of Arch

Arch types have different sections depending on their content and center point as well as their shape such shapes can be a semicircle, segmented, pointed, non-circular, etc.

Here, the List of Different Types of the Arch is as follows.

1. Types of Arches Based on Shape

Here, is The List of Different Types of Arches Based on Shape as follows.

1.1. Flat Arch

Flat Arch

The flat arch is almost unnoticed as the arch is in a round shape but in this type it is flat. This type is used as load-barring support in which the flat arch is hidden from the architect’s point of view.

1.2. Roman Arch

Roman Arch

This type has been the most popular in both historical and modern times. This type has a semicircle at the top which is supported by two columns.

Columns supporting this type of arch are usually found made of wood or stone. This type of room gives a flashy look but this type of design is quite simple.

1.3. Art Nouveau Arch

Art Nouveau Arch

This arch forms a segment of a large circle hence this arch is also called a segmented arch. This arch has curved corners and this arch is of shallow type.

This arch can be useful in a building with low height roof. This arch is a freestyle type and is made without columns.

1.4. Tudor Arch

Tudor Arch

The Tudor arch has shallow and large arcs. This arch is useful for the decoration of low-height ceilings and as load-barring support.

1.5. Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch

The Gothic Arch was the most popular arch of the European Middle Ages.

At the top of this arch where the two arcs meet in the middle, there is a sharp and pointed top.

The height of this arch is high so it cannot fit in a building with a low roof.

1.6. Lancet Arch

Lancet Arch

The design of this arch was developed during the Gothic period. This arch is a narrow arch pointing towards the top.

This arch is found in the windows of cathedrals and church windows.

1.7. Semi-Circular Arch

Semi-Circular Arch

The arch forms a semi-circle at the top. Thrust and skewback are vertical and horizontal, respectively.

The center of this arch is on the horizontal spring line between the dome and the springs of the arch.

1.8. Horseshoe Arch

Horseshoe Arch

The arch is shaped like a horseshoe, as the name implies. The arch is mostly found in older architecture.

1.9. Pointed Arch

Pointed Arch

The pointed arch is a version of Gothic architecture. The arc of two circles in this arc forms a triangle found at the top which can be equilateral or isosceles.

1.10. Venetian Arch

Venetian Arch

This arch is a pointed arch with a slightly deeper crown than the other arch. This is an arch with four centers on the springing line of the arch.

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1.11. Florentine Arch

Florentine Arch

This semicircular shape has the curvature of the inside of the arch and the rest is like a Venetian arch.

This shows that it is a hybrid form and has three centers on the spring line.

1.12. Segmental Arch

Segmental Arch

This arch is one of the strongest and most basic types. The center of this arch is slightly below the springing line and is useful in strong buildings.

1.13. Ogee Arch

Ogee Arch

The two arcs in this arch keep the ends parallel. The arch has two ogees which are symmetrical at the point at the top of the arch.

The arch was popular in English architecture in the 13th century.

1.14. Parabolic Arch

Parabolic Arch

This is useful for keeping a uniform load from top to bottom. The highest load in this arch is at the base and the greater the distance between the two ends of the arch. This arch is used to build bridges.

1.15. Semi-Elliptical Arch

Semi-Elliptical Arch

The top of this arch is shaped like a half egg. There are three or five centers in this arch depending on the architecture.

This is not very significant but its work is remarkable.

1.16. Stilted Arch

Stilted Arch

The stilted arch is a combination of the other two designs and has the same shape as the semicircle.

There are two points on the springing line and the center is located on the horizontal line passing through the vertical portion.

1.17. Relieving Arch

Relieving Arch

This type of design is installed on top of a flat arch. Installing on a wooden lintel helps to give it more strength.

When wood is burnt it can be easily replaced.

2. Types of Arches Based on the Materials

Here, is The List of Different Types of Arches Based on Material as follows.

2.1. Stone Arch

Stone Arch

This arch is called a stone arch as it is made of stone. In the past, chaotic arches were made with rubble but now stone arch is made by determining the right size and shape so it becomes strong and well-shaped.

2.2. Brick Arch

Brick Arch

There are many different types of brick arches. Worse bricks are bricks that do not have the right shape to strengthen the structure by making an arch in a shape where it is not visible.

The second type of arch is made by using a wet saw or wire saw to make a soft-looking arch.

The third type is the ax-bowed brick arch. The third type is the ax-bowed brick arch, which requires careful filling of the rough surface with lime putty.

2.3. Concrete Arch

Concrete Arch

A concrete arch is useful for making a large arch as a large arch requires strength. Concrete and steel rebar inside are helpful to support a large span.

Pre-cast concrete blocks are also used to make this arch. The crane is used to move these blocks. A strong arch is useful in interstate overpasses.

3. Types of Arches Based on the Number of Centers

Now let’s look at the types based on the number of arch centers.

Here, is The List of Different Types of Arches Based on the Number of Centers as follows.

3.1. One-Centered Arches

  1. Segmental arches
  2. Semi-circle arches
  3. Flat arches
  4. Horseshoe arches
  5. Stilted arches

3.1. Two-Centered Arches

  1. Pointed arches
  2. Gothic arches
  3. Lancet arches

3.3. Three-Centered Arches

  1. Semi-elliptical arches
  2. Florentine arches

3.4. Four-Centered Arches

  1. Venetian arches
  2. Tudor arches

3.5 Five-Centered Arches

Arches like semi-elliptical arch are designed to attract attention and design in detail. This type of arch has five centers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Windows with a Half Circle on Top Called?

Half circle windows are also known as semi-circular windows.

What Are Half-Moon Shaped Windows Called?

Half-Moon Shaped window is also called a lunette window.

What Does a Palladian Window Look Like?

The Palladian window is a large three-part window. This window has a large window in the middle with a semi-circular shape arch at the top. This window has two narrow panes on either side of the center.

Arched Windows Prices

The cost of arched windows varies. Simple small arched windows can cost around $ 330 to $ 880 to install and large arched windows can cost up to $ 1000 to $ 4000.

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