All About Sorry Fans The Horizon Festival is Ending With Forza Horizon 6 Set in Japan

All About Sorry Fans The Horizon Festival is Ending With Forza Horizon 6 Set in Japan

For years, fans of the popular racing game series Forza Horizon have eagerly awaited each new installment, reveling in the thrill of high-speed competition and the stunning open-world landscapes. But as the end of the current Horizon Festival draws near, there is a mix of excitement and sadness among loyal fans. The highly anticipated Forza Horizon 6 is set to be the final edition of the festival, and it’s taking us to a new and electrifying location in Japan. From the gameplay features to the beloved cars, this farewell to the festival is shaping up to be an unforgettable experience for all sorry fans.

Sorry Fans, The Horizon Festival is Ending With Forza Horizon 6 Set in Japan

Fans of the popular open-world racing game, Forza Horizon, may have to prepare themselves for some disappointing news. According to leaked information, it seems that Forza Horizon 5 will be the last edition of the Horizon series, with Forza Horizon 6 set to be the final installment. But that’s not even the most heartbreaking part – it seems that the beloved Horizon Festival will be coming to an end as well.

This news has left many fans feeling quite down, as the Forza Horizon franchise has gained a devoted following over the years. The game is known for its stunning graphics, realistic physics, and wide selection of cars. But what truly sets it apart is the open-world environment, allowing players to explore different regions and take part in various challenges and events.

While the first four editions of Forza Horizon took place in different locations in Europe and North America, it was rumored that Forza Horizon 5 would be set in Japan. This would have been a dream come true for many fans, as the country is known for its intricate road networks and stunning scenery.

However, with the news of Forza Horizon 6 being the last game in the series, it seems that fans will have to say goodbye to the Horizon Festival and the fictional country of Horizon. This decision has led to mixed reactions from fans, with some feeling nostalgic and saddened by the end of an era, while others are excited to see what the developers have in store for the final chapter.

But while the news of the Horizon Festival ending may come as a disappointment to fans, there is still plenty to look forward to. Forza Motorsport, the main series of the Forza franchise, will continue to release new editions, with Forza Motorsport 8 being the next installment.

In addition, Playground Games, the developer behind the Forza Horizon series, has announced that they are working on a new open-world game, which may possibly take elements from the Forza franchise. So while the Horizon Festival may be coming to an end, there is still hope for something new and exciting on the horizon.

For now, let’s cherish the last few months of the Horizon Festival and enjoy the familiar races, stunts, and challenges that have made the Forza Horizon series a beloved one. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed for a spectacular farewell in Forza Horizon 6, with an epic showcase of cars and locations in Japan.

So sorry fans, the Horizon Festival is ending. But let’s look back on the memories and look forward to what the future may hold for the Forza franchise. Until then, let’s rev up our engines and make the most of the remaining time in the Horizon Festival.

Forza Horizon 6 to be the Last Entry into the Franchise

Racing game enthusiasts, get ready to rev your engines because Forza Horizon 6 may be the last entry into the beloved franchise.

Since its launch in 2012, the Forza Horizon series has been a fan favorite for its open-world gameplay, stunning graphics, and realistic driving mechanics. Each new iteration has brought new features, improved graphics, and expanded the already vast roster of cars.

However, rumors are now circulating that Forza Horizon 6 will be the final game in the series. This news may come as a shock to many fans who were eagerly waiting for the next installment.

So, why is Forza Horizon 6 rumored to be the last game in the franchise? Here are a few reasons that have been speculated by industry insiders.

1. The End of the Console Generation

Forza Horizon games have traditionally been released towards the end of a console generation. With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, it is possible that Forza Horizon 6 will be the last game for the current generation of consoles. This would give developers the opportunity to fully utilize the power of the new consoles for future games.

2. Focusing on Forza Motorsport

Another reason for the end of Forza Horizon could be the focus on Forza Motorsport, the sister series of the Forza franchise. Forza Motorsport games have always been the more simulation-focused racing games, while Forza Horizon games offered a more arcade-style experience. With the popularity and success of the Forza Motorsport series, it’s possible that developers may want to concentrate on this aspect of the franchise.

3. Introduction of Forza Street

In April 2019, Microsoft released Forza Street, a free-to-play mobile game based on the Forza franchise. The game received mixed reviews, but it could be a sign that the developers are looking to expand the Forza brand into other platforms and genres. This could mean that there may not be a need for a Forza Horizon game in the future.

4. Need for Change and Innovation

While the Forza Horizon series has been well-received, some fans have expressed a desire for more innovation and change in each new installment. With six games already in the series, it may be a challenge for developers to come up with new and fresh ideas for future games. It’s possible that they may want to take a break and come back with a new and revamped concept for the franchise.

Of course, these are all just speculations, and there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft or the developers of the Forza franchise, Playground Games. But if these rumors turn out to be true, it’s bittersweet news for fans of the series. While it may be the end of an era, it also opens the door for new and exciting possibilities for the Forza franchise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what the future holds for Forza Horizon. Until then, let’s enjoy the open roads and stunning landscapes of Forza Horizon 6.


In conclusion, the news of the end of the Horizon Festival and the arrival of Forza Horizon 6 in Japan has been met with mixed reactions from Sorry Fans. While it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the iconic festival, the promise of an exciting new setting and game has created a buzz among fans. The journey with Forza Horizon has been an unforgettable ride, and the anticipation for the next installment is at an all-time high. As we eagerly await the release of Forza Horizon 6, let us cherish the memories made in this incredible series and be ready to embark on a new adventure in the vibrant and diverse world of Japan. Thank you, Playground Games, for giving us the ultimate racing experience, and Cheers to another amazing

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