All About Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse Review

All About Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse Review

Welcome to the world of gaming, where every detail matters and every little advantage can make a difference. As technology continues to evolve, so do the tools and equipment available for gamers. One such innovation is the Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse, promising to revolutionize the gaming experience with its unique design and top-notch performance. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at all the features and capabilities of this mouse, and ultimately determine if it lives up to the hype. So, if you’re a serious gamer looking for the perfect mouse to enhance your gameplay, keep reading to find out all about the Dream Machines DM6 Holey S.

Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse Review

Dream Machines is a relatively new brand in the gaming peripherals industry, but they have quickly made a name for themselves with their high-quality and innovative products. One of their latest offerings is the DM6 Holey S gaming mouse, which boasts a unique design and impressive features. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this mouse and see if it lives up to the hype.

Design and Build Quality:

The DM6 Holey S has a stunning design that immediately catches the eye. As the name suggests, this mouse has a honeycomb-like structure, with small holes cut out on the top and sides. This not only gives it a distinct look but also makes the mouse much lighter than other gaming mice on the market. The holes are also strategically placed to create a comfortable and ergonomic grip for extended use.

The build quality of the DM6 Holey S is top-notch. It has a solid, sturdy feel to it and does not creak or flex when in use. The mouse is also quite large, making it suitable for all hand sizes, including those with larger hands.


The DM6 Holey S is equipped with the latest gaming mouse technology. It features the high-end PixArt PMW3389 sensor, which has a 16,000 DPI resolution and a 50G acceleration rate. This ensures precise and accurate tracking, even at the highest DPI settings. The mouse also has Omron switches that are rated for 20 million clicks, ensuring that it will last you for years to come.

In terms of customization, the DM6 Holey S has six programmable buttons, including two on the left side. These buttons can be remapped to suit your gaming needs, and the settings can be saved in the onboard memory of the mouse. The DM6 software also allows you to adjust the DPI, polling rate, and RGB lighting, among other things.


The DM6 Holey S performs exceptionally well, thanks to its top-of-the-line sensor and switches. The tracking is smooth and responsive, and the mouse glides effortlessly on most surfaces, thanks to its PTFE feet. We tested the mouse in various games, including FPS and MOBA titles, and it performed flawlessly. The extra buttons on the side also came in handy for quick actions and macros.


The DM6 software is simple and easy to use. It allows you to adjust all the customizations mentioned above, as well as create and save different profiles for different games. However, it lacks some of the advanced features found in other gaming mouse software, such as macros and in-depth customization options.


Overall, the Dream Machines DM6 Holey S is an excellent gaming mouse that combines unique design with high-end features and performance. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it suitable for extended gaming sessions, and its customizable settings allow for a personalized experience. The only downside is the lack of advanced features in the software, but for the average gamer, this may not be a deal-breaker. For its price point, the DM6 Holey S is a solid choice for any gaming setup.


After thoroughly examining the features and performance of the Dream Machines DM6 Holey S gaming mouse, it is safe to say that it truly stands out in the competitive market of gaming peripherals. The lightweight design, advanced optical sensor, customizable buttons, and sleek RGB lighting make it a top choice for gamers of all levels. It offers a flawless and smooth gaming experience, thanks to its precise tracking and responsive click buttons. Additionally, the holes in the body ensure comfortable and sweat-free gaming sessions. With all these capabilities, the DM6 is undoubtedly a dream machine for every gamer out there. So, if you want to elevate your gaming experience, the Dream Machines DM6 Holey S gaming mouse should definitely be on your radar.

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