All About Change Your Name on Facebook

All About Change Your Name on Facebook

As one of the largest and most popular social media platforms, Facebook allows individuals to connect with friends, family, and the world at large. With millions of active users, it is not uncommon for someone to change their name on Facebook for various reasons. Whether it’s a marriage, divorce, or simply a desire for a new identity, changing your name on Facebook can be a simple and straightforward process. In this article, we will discuss the steps and considerations for changing your name on Facebook, ensuring that you are able to maintain a seamless online presence.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Do you want to change your name on Facebook? Perhaps you got married, changed your name legally, or simply want to go by a different name on the platform. Whatever the reason may be, Facebook makes it easy to change your name with just a few simple steps. In this blog, we will show you how to change your name on Facebook.

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account
First, log into your Facebook account using your email and password. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to your newsfeed.

Step 2: Go to your profile
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page. This will take you to your profile page.

Step 3: Click “About”
On your profile page, click on the “About” tab located under your profile picture.

Step 4: Click on “Details About You”
Under the “Overview” section, click on the “Details About You” option.

Step 5: Click “Name”
In the “Contact and Basic Info” section, you will see your current name. Click on the “Edit” button next to your name.

Step 6: Enter your new name
A pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your new name. Type in your new first and last name. You can also add a middle name if you wish.

Step 7: Review the name change
Facebook will then give you a preview of how your name will appear. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and looks the way you want it to.

Step 8: Choose how your name will appear
Under the preview, you will see the option to choose how your name will appear. You can choose to display your full name, first name and last initial, or a nickname. Select the option that best suits your preference.

Step 9: Enter your password
In order to confirm the name change, you will need to enter your Facebook password in the designated box.

Step 10: Click “Save Changes”
Once you have entered your password, click on the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Step 11: Review and confirm
Facebook will then review your name change request. If everything looks correct, click on the “Review Change” button.

Step 12: Confirm your name change
A final pop-up window will appear confirming your name change. Click “Save Changes” to finalize the process.

Congratulations, your name has been successfully changed on Facebook! Keep in mind that you can only change your name on Facebook every 60 days, so make sure you are happy with your new name before confirming the change.


In conclusion, changing your name on Facebook can be a simple and straightforward process, but it is important to consider all the factors before going through with it. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, it’s important to carefully consider how a name change may affect your online presence and connections. Be sure to follow the steps outlined in this article and keep in mind Facebook’s policies and guidelines. With the right approach, changing your name on Facebook can be a positive and empowering experience. Embracing change can bring new opportunities and experiences, and updating your name on Facebook can be just the first step in your journey. So go ahead and make that change with confidence and enjoy a more authentic representation of yourself on the platform.

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