All About Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA Review

All About Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA Review

The Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA has gained a lot of attention since its release, and for good reason. This sleek and powerful laptop offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a top choice for professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at all the features and capabilities of the Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA, providing a comprehensive review that will help you decide if this laptop is the right fit for your needs.

Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA Review

The Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA is a sleek, powerful, and portable laptop that is perfect for both work and play. It comes with a 14-inch Full HD display, a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and 16 GB of RAM, making it a great choice for multitasking and running demanding applications.

Design and Build
The Zenbook 14 has a beautiful and elegant design, with a sleek and slim profile that measures only 0.54 inches thick and weighs just 2.49 pounds. It has a magnesium-aluminum alloy body that not only looks good but also feels sturdy and durable. The lid has a smooth finish with the Asus logo in the center, and the interior has a brushed metal finish with a matching color keyboard.

The Zenbook 14 comes with a 14-inch Full HD (1920×1080) NanoEdge display, which means it has incredibly slim bezels on all four sides, making it almost borderless. This gives you an immersive viewing experience and makes the laptop compact and easy to carry around. The display also has 100% sRGB color gamut and 300 nits of brightness, which results in sharp and vibrant visuals.

The Zenbook 14 is powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor, which has a base clock speed of 1.3GHz and can go up to 3.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost technology. It is a quad-core processor that is more than capable of handling any task you throw at it, whether it’s browsing the web, working on spreadsheets, or editing videos. It also comes with Intel Iris Plus graphics, which can handle casual gaming and graphic-intensive applications.

Memory and Storage
The laptop comes with 16 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, which is more than enough for multitasking and running multiple apps at the same time. It also comes with a 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD, which makes the laptop boot up quickly and load apps and files without any lag.

Keyboard and Touchpad
The Zenbook 14 features a backlit keyboard, which is comfortable to type on with decent key travel and feedback. The touchpad is also large and responsive, and it supports Windows Precision drivers, making it easy to perform gestures and navigate through your work.

The Zenbook 14 offers a good selection of ports, including two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, one USB-A 3.2, an HDMI, and a headphone/microphone combo jack. It also comes with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, providing fast and stable wireless connectivity.

Battery Life
Asus claims that the Zenbook 14 has a battery life of up to 22 hours, but in real-world usage, you can expect it to last around 10-12 hours, depending on your usage. This is still impressive, considering the powerful hardware and compact design of the laptop.

The Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, compact, and stylish laptop. It has a beautiful design, powerful performance, and good battery life, making it a great device for both work and leisure. Its only downside is the lack of a dedicated graphics card, but for most everyday tasks, the Intel Iris Plus graphics should suffice. Overall, the Zenbook 14 is a great laptop for anyone

Zenbook 14 UX425JA GeekBench Single/Multi Core Performance

The Zenbook 14 UX425JA is one of the latest laptops from Asus, offering a sleek and powerful ultrabook experience. It boasts impressive specs, including the latest 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, making it an attractive choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One of the key aspects that define a laptop’s performance is its processing power, and the Zenbook 14 UX425JA does not disappoint in this regard. The laptop has been reviewed on the popular benchmarking platform GeekBench, and the results are quite impressive.

On the single-core test, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA scored 1250 points, which is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Zenbook 14 UX434. This score is also higher than other similar laptops in its price range, such as the HP Envy, which scored around 1040 points, and the Dell XPS 13 with 1196 points.

Moving on to the multi-core test, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA scored an impressive 3802 points. This is a 17.33% increase compared to its previous version, the Zenbook 14 UX434, which scored 3240 points. It also outperforms other competing models like the HP Envy with 3378 points and Dell XPS 13 with 3427 points.

These scores indicate that the Zenbook 14 UX425JA can handle heavy workloads and multitasking with ease. The laptop’s 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, along with its 8GB of RAM, ensures smooth and fast performance, whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or running multiple applications simultaneously.

GeekBench’s results also show that the Zenbook 14 UX425JA has excellent single-core and multi-core performance, making it a versatile machine for both everyday tasks and more demanding work, such as video editing or graphic design.

In addition to its powerful processing capabilities, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA also has a sleek design and impressive battery life, making it an ideal choice for users who need a portable and high-performing laptop.

In conclusion, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA’s GeekBench scores demonstrate its impressive processing power, making it a top-performing laptop in its class. If you’re in the market for a new ultrabook that can handle your demanding workload, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA is definitely worth considering.


In conclusion, the Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA is a remarkable laptop that offers powerful performance, sleek design, and excellent features. Its impressive battery life, vibrant display, and compact size make it a great choice for professionals and students alike. The innovative ScreenPad 2.0 adds a whole new level of functionality, enhancing productivity and convenience. With its impressive performance, the Zenbook 14 UX425JA is a great option for those looking for a reliable and high-quality laptop. For anyone in the market for a new laptop, the Asus Zenbook 14 UX425JA is definitely worth considering. It’s a solid choice that offers a well-rounded experience that caters to a wide range of needs and preferences.

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