All About HTC One M8 Not Charging

All About HTC One M8 Not Charging

HTC One M8 is a popular smartphone among users for its sleek design and excellent features. However, many users have reported an issue with their device, where it refuses to charge despite multiple attempts. This problem can be extremely frustrating, especially if you rely on your phone for daily use. In this article, we will explore the common causes of the HTC One M8 not charging and discuss effective solutions to resolve this issue. By the end, you will have a better understanding of this problem and be equipped with the necessary knowledge to fix it.

Fix: HTC One M8 Not Charging

If you own an HTC One M8, you may have encountered the issue of your phone not charging. This problem can be quite frustrating and can disrupt your daily routine, as you cannot use your phone while it’s charging. However, there are some possible solutions that can fix this issue. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Check the Charging Cable
The first thing you should check when your HTC One M8 is not charging is the charging cable. It is possible that the cable is damaged or faulty, and it is the reason why your phone is not charging. Check the cable for any signs of damage such as cuts or kinks. You can also try to charge your phone using a different charging cable to see if that solves the problem.

2. Clean the Charging Port
Another common reason for a phone not charging is a dirty charging port. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the charging port, hindering the connection between the charger and the port. Use a small brush or a can of compressed air to clean the port and remove any dirt or debris. Be gentle while cleaning to avoid damaging the port.

3. Restart Your Phone
Sometimes a simple restart can fix any software issues that may be causing your HTC One M8 not to charge. Hold down the power button and choose the “Restart” option from the menu that appears. Once your phone restarts, try to charge it again.

4. Check for Software Updates
If your phone’s software is not up to date, it can cause charging issues. Make sure your HTC One M8 has the latest software updates installed. To check for updates, go to Settings > About phone > Software updates.

5. Use a Wall Charger
If you have been charging your phone using a USB port on your computer, try using a wall charger instead. Sometimes, USB ports may not provide enough power to charge your phone, especially if you are using third-party chargers.

6. Check for Faulty Apps
Sometimes a faulty app can cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly, which can prevent it from charging. To check if this is the case, boot your phone into safe mode by pressing and holding the Power button and then tapping and holding the “Power off” option. When prompted, tap “OK,” and your phone will restart in safe mode. If your phone charges in safe mode, it means that an app is causing the issue. You can uninstall recently downloaded apps to pinpoint the culprit.

7. Perform a Factory Reset
If none of the above methods work, you can try performing a factory reset on your phone. This will erase all your data, so be sure to back up your important files beforehand. To perform a factory reset, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone.

If none of these solutions work, it’s possible that there is a hardware issue with your phone’s charging port or battery. In this case, it is best to take your phone to a certified technician or contact HTC customer support for further assistance.


In conclusion, the HTC One M8 is a popular smartphone with numerous features, but its charging issue can be frustrating for users. However, with proper troubleshooting steps and potential fixes such as checking the charger and port, updating software, and resetting the device, the charging problem can be resolved. If these solutions do not work, contacting HTC customer support or visiting a licensed technician can also help. It is important to take care of your device and address any charging issues promptly to ensure its longevity and functionality. Hopefully, this article has provided helpful insights and solutions to the common problem of HTC One M8 not charging.

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