All About Ares Wizard not Working in Kodi Quick Fixes

All About Ares Wizard not Working in Kodi Quick Fixes

Ares Wizard is a popular add-on for the Kodi media center, offering a variety of maintenance tools and add-ons for users to enhance their streaming experience. However, many users have recently reported issues with Ares Wizard not working properly or at all. These unexpected errors can be frustrating and hinder the overall functionality of Kodi. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Ares Wizard not working in Kodi and provide quick and effective solutions to help users resolve these issues. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Kodi user, this guide aims to assist you in troubleshooting Ares Wizard and getting it up and running again.

Ares Wizard not Working in Kodi? Quick Fixes

Ares Wizard is a popular add-on for Kodi that provides users with a variety of tools and utilities for managing and optimizing their Kodi setup. It is widely used by Kodi users to clear cache, perform maintenance tasks, and install add-ons.

However, in recent times, many users have reported that Ares Wizard is not working properly in Kodi. The issues range from not being able to launch the add-on to an error message popping up when trying to install add-ons through it.

If you are facing similar issues with Ares Wizard in Kodi, here are some quick fixes that can help you resolve them.

1. Clear Kodi Cache

One of the most common reasons for Ares Wizard not working properly is the accumulation of cache within Kodi. This can happen over time and can cause various add-ons, including Ares Wizard, to malfunction.

To clear the cache, go to the Settings menu from the Kodi home screen. Then, click on File Manager > Profile Directory > Database. You will find several files with the extension “.db.” Right-click on these files and select “Delete” to clear the cache.

2. Reinstall Ares Wizard

Sometimes, reinstalling Ares Wizard can also fix any issues that it may be facing. To do this, go to the add-ons section from the Kodi home screen, then click on “My Add-ons” and navigate to “Program Add-ons.” Find Ares Wizard in the list and click on it. Then, click on “Uninstall” and confirm the action.

Once Ares Wizard is uninstalled, restart Kodi and reinstall the add-on. This will create a new installation of Ares Wizard, which can resolve any issues related to the previous installation.

3. Update Kodi

If your Kodi setup is not running on the latest version, it can cause compatibility issues with add-ons like Ares Wizard. Make sure to check for updates and install the latest version of Kodi. This can solve a range of issues with Ares Wizard.

4. Use a VPN

Sometimes, your internet service provider (ISP) may block access to Ares Wizard due to its association with third-party add-ons. In such cases, using a virtual private network (VPN) can help you bypass this restriction and access Ares Wizard without any issues.

5. Check for Server Issues

There can be instances where Ares Wizard may not be working due to server issues. In such cases, it is best to wait for the servers to be back up and running instead of troubleshooting on your end.

Wrapping Up

Ares Wizard is a valuable add-on for managing and optimizing your Kodi setup. If you are facing issues with it not working, try the above quick fixes to resolve them. By clearing cache, reinstalling the add-on, updating Kodi, and using a VPN, you can get Ares Wizard up and running again in no time.

What causes Ares Wizard not to work in Kodi?

Ares Wizard is an extremely popular and widely used Kodi add-on that provides a suite of maintenance tools and other features for better Kodi navigation and functionality. However, many users have reported experiencing issues with Ares Wizard and even its complete malfunction. So, what causes Ares Wizard not to work in Kodi? Let’s delve into some of the possible reasons for this problem.

1. Discontinued Support

One of the main reasons for Ares Wizard not working could be the discontinuation of its development and support. In November 2017, Ares Wizard was shut down by its developers due to potential copyright infringement concerns. Since then, the add-on has not been updated or maintained, which can cause it to malfunction or even stop working entirely.

2. Outdated Version

If you have an outdated version of Ares Wizard installed on your Kodi, it may not work properly. As the add-on is no longer being updated, its older versions may not be compatible with the latest Kodi versions, resulting in errors and malfunctions.

3. Dependency Issues

Ares Wizard is dependent on other add-ons and repositories to function correctly. If any of these dependencies are missing or not working, Ares Wizard may also fail to work. Additionally, if there is any conflict between these dependencies and other add-ons, it could also cause Ares Wizard to malfunction.

4. Maintenance Tool Failure

The primary function of Ares Wizard is to provide maintenance tools for Kodi, such as clearing cache and optimizing performance. If any of these maintenance tools fail to work properly, it can lead to Ares Wizard not functioning correctly.

5. Server Issues

The Ares Wizard is also dependent on its server to work correctly. If there is an issue with the server, the add-on may not function correctly or may not work at all. This could be because the server is down or overloaded due to a high volume of users trying to access it.

6. Suspension by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Due to its potential for copyright infringement, Ares Wizard has been targeted by ISPs, leading to its suspension in some regions. If you are unable to access Ares Wizard, it could be because your ISP has blocked access to it.


Ares Wizard has been a go-to add-on for many Kodi users, but unfortunately, it is no longer supported or updated, making it prone to malfunctions and failures. However, there are several alternative maintenance add-ons available for Kodi that offer similar features to Ares Wizard. It is advisable to explore these options if you are experiencing issues with Ares Wizard.


In conclusion, Ares Wizard not working in Kodi can be a frustrating issue for users, but thankfully there are some quick fixes that can help resolve the problem. From clearing cache and data to updating Kodi and Ares Wizard, these simple solutions can get your Ares Wizard back up and running in no time. It’s important to stay updated with the latest versions of Kodi and Ares Wizard to avoid any potential compatibility issues. Additionally, regularly clearing cache and data can help prevent any future problems. With these quick fixes, Ares Wizard not working will no longer be a hurdle to enjoying all the great features and add-ons it has to offer within Kodi.

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